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Here is how simple changes to your daily shopping can help sick kids get back to the things they miss.

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our impact

funding projects, people and research

We fund projects, people and research dedicated to helping sick kids get home to the things they miss.


pillar one

pillar one

Making hospital more homely

We fund projects that make hospitals feel more like home to improve stays and patient recovery, like Child Life Therapy.

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pillar two

pillar two

in hospital treatment

We invest in healthcare designed to reduce hospital stays. Projects, positions, advanced treatment, technology and more.

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pillar three

pillar three

in home treatment

We help cut down long-distance travel for hospital visits by bringing hospital grade care at home or closer to home.

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pillar four

pillar four

preventing hospitalisation

We fund research and projects that help prevent disease, or provide education to stay healthy.

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Children cared for by hospitals supported by Hospitals United for Sick Kids Alliance Partners

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Total projects, positions, treatments, equipment funded

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Raised to help sick kids

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Alliance partners collaborating across Australia

our collective superpower

The strength of national reach
+ the power of local impact.

We’re the only national alliance of Children’s Hospitals, Foundations and Paediatric Services. When you partner with us, your brand has a national footprint and can engage with local stories.

Young child sitting on a hospital bed holding a plush toy

How we’re making a difference

Since our launch in 2019, we’ve grown to become a national fundraising network. We collaborate with 8 children’s hospitals, foundations and paediatric services across Australia as well as multiple corporate partners.

We support projects that deliver care to sick kids in hospital, at special facilities closer to home and in some cases, at home.


an australian-first study

Around 50% of Australian children in hospital suffer from moderate to severe levels of homesickness during their stay. This feeling is linked to social and behavioural problems, symptoms of depression and anxiety, coping difficulties and feelings of helplessness.

Read our research to find out more.

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Two young boys playing and laughing with water in the backyard

Award-winning work

We’re the proud recipients of awards for excellence in impact, innovation, collaboration and creativity.

We’ve funded over 77 projects since 2019 that have significantly impacted the lives of more than 400,000 sick kids in eight hospitals across the country.

We’re able to make a difference because of the generous support of our corporate partners.

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